10 Best Sports for Pregnant Women

Sport is a good thing for health. However, lately many are worried about exercising can harm the womb. But according to Erika Lenkert, in her book, The Real Deal: Guide to Pregnancy, exercise can provide many benefits for the body.

Exercise during pregnancy can increase energy, relieve constipation, leg cramps, bloating and swelling, promote the spirit, relaxation, maintain your posture and sleep quality, build muscle mass, control diabetes, fighting back pain, increase stamina during labor, as well as help the body back into shape faster.

Here are 10 best sports favored by mothers who are pregnant:

1. Walk
59 percent of respondents said they would rather walk away, either on the treadmill or outdoors.

2. Yoga or prenatal yoga
32 percent of the mothers were asked said they liked doing the “downward dog” as an experience that optimize their experience.

3. As usual
As many as 16 percent of respondents said they will conduct activities as usual but made more carefully, feel the motion of the body, and waiting for the doctor’s orders.

4. Swim
Because swimming is also a form of relaxation, as much as 11 percent of respondents chose this sport.

5. Trot
For mothers who already have small children at home, activities such as chasing their kids around the house is a fairly laborious and counted as a sport.

6. Cycling, running, or jogging
As many as 9 percent of respondents said they chose cycling to maintain body shape and health. Whether it’s on a static bike as well as around residential areas.

7. Water aerobics, walking on water, and lift weights
As much as 6 percent of mothers prefer activities in the water or lifting weights.

8. Elliptical machine and stairmaster
As many as 4 percent of mothers have aerobic activity or massage tool.

9. Climbing or Pilates
As many as 3 percent of the mothers chose to walk to a hill or doing Pilates exercise with a special coach.

10. The rest, as much as 1 percent, voted for strength training, cross training, light stretching, hip hop classes, toning classes, gardening, cleaning, or working while standing.

Obviously, the choice and strength of each person is different, so it’s always a wise choice to discuss the condition and adjustment of exercise is best for you.

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